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IES Master

IES Master is one of the best coaching institutes in India renowned for GATE, ESE and PSUs examination training. Under its able guidance, it has coached many students to pass engineering entrance with flying colours.

What They Expected

During the discussions with their team members, we realized that even though they had excellent pedagogy and flexible batches, they were not able to expand their outreach. The wanted to improve their digital presence and felt that students from across the nation should be able to take advantage of the valuable competitive examination based knowledge they had to offer. SEO and SMO services were the best and wisest solutions that would bring in quick and effective brand growth.

This meant -

  • To drive a higher volume of traffic towards their website
  • To get maximum no. of Page Likes
  • Obtain leads
  • To maintain and optimize social media platforms
  • To run Display Ads
  • Increase engagement through educative content
  • Drive and boost conversions
  • Encourage students to pursue their training programs

What We Offered

The main objective was to gather the attention of high-school students or passionate aspirants looking for gazetted career profiles. Next, we conjured up a keyword strategy based on the consumer persona of the coaching institute. This meant campaigns, SEO activities and social media content with an enhanced focus on engineering careers and what it takes to get there. Through the right budgeting and forecasting, we were able to channelize, manage and boost their campaigns.

How We Executed

Throughout the project, delivering the brand messages with the right tonality was a challenge. We could not sound extremely commercial. It was all about finding the right hierarchy to broadcast disparate types of content - educational and marketing. This was then marketed on prominent platforms such as Google, Facebook, Bing, Instagram, Twitter. Through Text Ads, Display Ads and Shopping Ads, we ensured to highlight their excellent teaching methodologies, smart preparation tactics, stress buster tips, flexible batches and affordability. Students looking forward to making a career in engineering must always be updated about latest exams, question paper modules, exam formats, etc. and we gave them not just what they wanted, but what they need as well!


We have a proven track record of responsive and excellent customer service. This is evident from the brand core purpose that was upheld at every step, in every campaign. The coaching centre witnessed a quick improvement in organic presence on Search Engines and leads using paid marketing. The client was immensely happy about the tremendous transformation in the audience perception. It was no longer just any coaching centre; it was a premium coaching hub well-known for affordable and flexible batches.

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